Dog footwear styles – form, function & fashion


There is no shortage of styles for your dog’s paws, so long as you make sure the shoe fits!

The current trend in accessories for your pooch is dog footwear. Styles range from dog booties to dog slippers and even dog socks. Just about any size dog—big or small—can be accommodated and there is every kind of fashion.

Functional Footwear for Your Dog

That being said, plenty of boots can actually provide your dog a service. If your pup has had back issues, for example, that affect its ability to walk, you can purchase dog boots that will actually help with that. There are also dog shoes specially made for working dogs that might need extra protection from glass or sharp rocks. Lastly, if your dog is coming into contact with harsh elements, like deep snow and ice or hot gravel, you can purchase dog boots that will provide further fortification.

Styles for Your Dog

There is no end to the styles you can choose for your dog, if there is an auxiliary purpose you’re trying to serve. Every color you can think of shows up in dog boots and shoes. So if your dog has a jacket you’re trying to match or maybe you yourself have an outfit you’d like your dog to compliment, finding the exact color should not be an issue. Many high-end fashion companies even have shoes you can special-order for your puppy.


Remember with any boot or shoe you put on your puppy, their paws’ function needs to come first. It’s all well and good to have your dog ready for the runway, but if they’re not able to walk it won’t do much good. Measure your dog’s paw and make sure you have the right size. If you end up getting a size too small, you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your puppy’s paw.

One way to help with this is to find a local dealer. Even if you’re not open to the styles they’re selling, it’s still helpful to have your dog try a few pairs on to make sure your measurements were accurate. If they are, feel free to order from the online specialty stores that carry the look you’re looking for.

While it’s natural for your dog to seem uncomfortable in them at first, and even gnaw at them, this shouldn’t be an ongoing behavior. One way to avoid this problem is to get your dog wearing boots when they’re still young. They’ll grow up accustomed to them that way. If it’s too late for that, simply walking them in the boots should distract them and eventually they’ll quit noticing them.

There are more fashions than ever available to those looking to put some extra style in their dog’s step. And no one said you can only choose one. They make dog houses; they can make a dog closet too.

Just be sure measurement comes first. Your dog might not like the sparkly slippers you parade it around in, but you’ll never be forgiven if it ends up hurting too. As long as the shoe fits, feel free to have some fun!

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