Measuring your dog’s paws for dog boots

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Measuring your dog’s paws for boots doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is necessary. Getting the right size will the mean the difference between a boot that fits and a boot that hurts.

With all the trend catching on, it’s easy to pick among the many styles of dog boots to find the one that suits your pup best. However, finding one that fits can be a little more difficult. Getting your dog’s paw measurement doesn’t have to be complicated though. Below is a step-by-step guide that will make things easy.

The importance of accurate measurements cannot be overstressed. Putting your dog in boots that don’t fit will cause pain, discomfort and possible injury. Obviously a dog that associates pain with its boots isn’t going to make it very easy for you to put them on it either.

It’s the same concept humans use when looking for shoes. You wouldn’t want to stick your foot in a shoe two sizes too small.

Tracing Your Dog’s Paws

The first things you’ll need to do is put a piece of paper on the ground and then encourage your dog to step on it with their front paw. Sizing it now requires you to lift up their left front paw, so all the weight is on the paper. Doing this causes the paw to spread just as it would when the animal is walking. Your dog might find this a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.

Now, mark where the front, back, left and right of the paw sit so you’re getting the widest and longest print possible. Do this with its front left paw following the same method and then the back two. If you find giving your dog a treat or otherwise rewarding it for compliance, by all means, do so.

When all four paws have been marked on the paper, use a ruler to measure to measure each paw from front to back and from side to side. Now you have your dog’s paw sizes.

Even if you have sized your dog’s boots perfectly, don’t be surprised if they don’t accept them at first. One way around this issue is to start your dog wearing shoes as early as possible. There will still probably be some hesitation, but it will be considerably less and won’t last as long.

Finding Boots

If at all possible, buy your dog’s boots from a local establishment. This guarantees you the opportunity to have your dog try them on and make sure the boot will fit your dog properly. If your local outfitter doesn’t have the style you’re looking for, it’s still a good idea to bring your dog in and have them try on shoes to confirm your measurements were correct.

Remember, your dog isn’t going to take to its new boots immediately. It might even chew at them. This isn’t necessarily a sign that something’s wrong, simply that it’s a new feeling for them. Give it time. Your dog will stop paying attention to them as they begin walking in them more and more.

There are all kinds of options available for your puppy’s paw wear. Have fun exploring all the different fashions and feel free to buy more than one. Just make sure the shoe fits!

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