Protecting your dog’s paws from winter hazards


Winter dog boots will keep their paws warm and protect them from chemicals used to battle the elements.

Dog boots are a trend that has caught on more and more in recent years. They’re a cute, fun look that helps your pup express its personality. It doesn’t hurt, either, that with all the brands and stores out there, you can find dog shoes that will match your own. But dog boots can also serve a purpose.

Besides high fashion, dog shoes can be bought to serve a specific function. If your veterinarian has diagnosed your dog with a disorder affecting its ability to walk, for example, there are therapeutic shoes you can purchase to lend them a helping hand. Likewise, if your dog is being exposed to extreme elements, you can find shoes that will protect its paws.

Winter Boots

One of the most common examples of tough elements is those of us who live in the north of the country. Every winter we seem to get more snow than the last, piling higher each time and bringing thicker and thicker ice with it. We don’t like dealing with the ice & snow and there’s a possibility your dog’s paws don’t either.

You may have noticed this in the past. When you take your dog outside in the cold, do you ever notice it begins walking a bit gingerly? This is most likely due to the cold’s affects on its paws. There’s an easy solution though in buying your dog a pair of boots that will keep its paws warm and dry. These are some of the most common dog boots on the market, meaning many styles come relatively cheap.

Chemical Factors

Something you may not think about is all the chemicals that abound in the winter. But think about it: when the streets get slippery, what city doesn’t have plows dumping road salt or using chemical deicers in an attempt to thaw their way to safer roads? Your dog may not spend a lot of time on busy streets (let’s hope not), but all those chemicals eventually find their way to the sidewalk. Your dog’s paws are likely to pick them up eventually and they could cause damage or your dog might end up ingesting them when they lick their own paws.

Winter boots are a great choice here again. Not only will they protect your dog from the affects those chemicals could have, but once inside, you simply slip them off and now the chemicals aren’t there for your dog to accidentally consume.
A great time to buy winter dog boots is right after the season is over. Many dog boot retailers will price their merchandise down in an attempt to get rid of it. This only works, however, if your dog is fully grown and you know what their exact paw size is. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying a boot that won’t fit.

Of course, some retailers will hold winter sales as the season gets closer. In this case, just make sure you measure your dog’s paw accurately before taking advantage of lower prices.

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