Therapeutic footwear for dogs

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If your dog has pain in its paws, therapeutic footwear might be just what they need.

More and more people are buying footwear for their dogs. They’re a fun way to add a little flair to your puppy. Of course, they can also have practical benefits too. Many boots are reinforced to protect your pet from the cold snow or hot pavement. These shoes have managed to marry fashion and function.

Therapeutic Footwear for Your Dog

Perhaps that’s no where the case more than with therapeutic footwear for dogs. If your dog suffers from an ailment that affects the use of its paws or legs, therapeutic footwear might be a great option. Of course, always check with your veterinarian first. He/she might have a specific kind they want to prescribe.

Common ailments which therapeutic footwear can help with include hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and arthritis. If you believe your dog is suffering from any of these afflictions, be sure to have your veterinarian take a look.

Therapeutic footwear doesn’t need a prescription, but it’s not meant as a cure for an amateur diagnosis. Attempting to do so will wind up doing more harm than good to your pet.

If you do purchase therapeutic footwear for your dog, be sure to watch it when first wears them. Your dog may be confused by it or uncomfortable initially; this is natural. It also shouldn’t surprise you if they chew at it. What you want to look for is any sign that it’s making their movement more difficult or that it somehow isn’t on properly.

Be sure to check your dog’s therapeutic footwear for any special instructions. Some may not make provisions for getting wet. Others will not be suitable for wearing outdoors or indoors. It’s important you’re aware of these special considerations as you don’t want your dog’s therapeutic footwear to end up making matters worse.

Checking Up on the Footwear

No matter how well the footwear fits, be sure to inspect your dog once a day to make sure there isn’t any irritation or signs it’s causing another problem. For the most part, your dog’s behavior should be a clear sign of this, but you’re better safe than sorry. Also check the footwear itself to make sure it isn’t damaged or compromised from your dog or the elements. You will also want to wash it at least once a week, but the product’s labels should have a specific recommendation about this.

Therapeutic footwear for dogs has come a long way in a short time. Just about any ailment your dog’s paws are suffering can be at least partially treated with some kind of boot. It doesn’t hurt that the companies have often found ways of making them look fashionable too!

Again, however, please check with your veterinarian first to make sure your dog does in fact have an ailment. If they do, ask your veterinarian if some kind of footwear is appropriate for your pet and, if so, which kind they would recommend. Once purchased, be sure to read all labels and instructions and check in on your dog regularly when they’re wearing it.

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